Cargo Flights

Cargo flying? It's a blast! Embrace the 'Freight Dog' lifestyle, steering night flights packed with goodies to global nooks. Our real-world fleet of Freighters and dedicated routes turn it into a joyride. Get set for worldwide adventures – from short hops to long-hauls. Challenging, rewarding, and all-round exhilarating flights await!

Charter Flights

In our beginnings, Charter flights were our bread and butter, a sentiment that's stuck around. Today, they remain a crucial and thriving component of our Airline. As a Charter Pilot, the skies are yours – pick your destination, fly when you please, and choose from our 100+ unique Charter Fleet. It's pure virtual skybound liberty at its finest.

Scheduled Flights

We've taken real-world routes from 75+ Airlines and fashioned a path for you to embrace the role of an Airline Captain. Dive into a realm as immersive and procedural as you desire. With a selection of over 254 vintage and modern aircraft, you're sure to find your favorite in our Fleet. Your journey, your rules!


Our Story

Walker Air Transport takes flight as a virtual air transportation and logistics marvel, all while being playfully "headquartered" in the digital realm of Jacksonville, Florida, and the whimsical Jacksonville International Airport (KJAX). Our story began back in 1999 when we set off as a pint-sized charter outfit, navigating the virtual skies with nothing more than a trusty single-engine Cessna 172 Skyhawk. But, oh, how we've soared since then!

Picture this: a twin-turboprop Beechcraft King Air 350 enters the scene, and suddenly we're not just flying, we're cruising in style. As the years whizzed by, demand for our pixelated general air travel and private charter flights skyrocketed. The cosmic forces aligned, and in the cosmic year of 2019, Walker Air's dream team hit the "expand" button like pros. Scheduled passenger and cargo services burst forth like pixels on a high-def screen, and we were in it for the long haul.

Think about it—staff members materialized out of the virtual void, systems sprouted like digital daisies, a sprawling network of virtual bases took shape, and schedules blossomed like pixelated fireworks. And let's not forget our impressive fleet, a dazzling constellation of over 254 passenger and cargo aircraft, each with its own virtual personality.

Behold, the underdog of yore had evolved into a global aviation superstar! Walker Air Transport, the once-humble charter champion, now ruled the boundless expanse of the virtual world, ready to whisk you away or deliver your virtual treasures to the far corners of the digital globe.

Our virtual wings span the virtual globe, offering flexi-fantastic options for all your pixelated passenger travel fantasies and serving up the swiftest solutions for those tricky cargo-hauling enigmas. It's a pixel-perfect symphony of travel dreams, and we're honored to be the composers of your digital voyages.

So, to each pixel, each code snippet, and every fleeting digital frame, we raise a virtual toast. Thank you, kind traveler, for letting us be a part of your grand odyssey through the ever-expanding tapestry of the virtual cosmos. Here's to more adventures, more laughter, and more pixels to explore!


If you joined Walker Air Transport, you'd pilot a quirky fleet draped in our stylish corporate attire. Imagine a runway in the sky – destinations? More than you can dream. At Walker Air Transport, we make surreal skies your laugh-packed playground. Ready for takeoff?




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Flights per Month

Why you should choose us?


The instant a pilot arrives at the gate, steps off, and files their PIREP, a verdict is swift to follow. You'll swiftly learn the score for your flight and the points you've earned.


Crafting a flight plan becomes a breeze with simBrief integration, offering our pilots an all-inclusive hub. Say goodbye to tab-hopping or sifting through stacks of PDFs – every detail is neatly packed onto one convenient page.


We support the top three Flight Simulator platforms: X-Plane, Prepar3D®, and Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2020. Tracking your flight data is a breeze with TFDi Design's smartCARS and FlightTrackerXP (for Mac OS and X-Plane). Smooth skies ahead!

Why Our Pilots    Us

  • Wow guys. I've tried Virtual Airlines in the past....and I'm talking long ago. I am grateful that I heard Walker flights on PilotEdge and wondered what they were. THIS is an airline that gives me the freedom to fly what I have, in the regions I desire on a flexible schedule without too much 'fluff' (as interesting as fluff may sometimes be). There's no pressure to log too many hours, but still seems to have a good feeling of community and achievement which is the whole point of a VA. Also, it doesn't seem too demanding on logging and such - fairly straight forward. Thanks for being here, and I hope we can build our community! For more than 20 years, I've been accustomed to flying alone in my sim.

    Aleksandar D. | WAT528
  • I have seen and tested many VA over the years. After 200+ Hours with walker I can tell you that this is the most awesome, helpful and friendly community I ever saw. The Staff and the CEO are great and quick to react to every issue and idea. The Interface is as modern and intuitive as it gets and you can fly everything you may desire as there are high quality liveries for most payware and many freeware planes. A great place to join and stay.

    Sebastian N. | WAT378
  • The website is well designed, easy to use, and is always adding new features. The liveries are fantastic, and the community is amazing!

    Matt M. | WAT352
  • Since my first flight, I've always felt like a welcomed member of the community, and I've met some awesome people during my career!

    Alex S. | WAT311
  • This has to be one of the most interactive flying communities I have ever been apart of. It’s full of knowledgeable real life pilots and sim pilots. It’s great to be around other people who are truly passionate about aviation.

    Oshane D. | WAT118
  • From day one everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. I have been part of many VA's in the past but this is by far the first that has made me feel like part of an aviation family.

    Dave D. | WAT358
  • Walker Air is THE ultimate Virtual Airline. it combines choice, flexibility, and community to provide an unbelievable high level of engagement and quality service. I thought I knew what a VA was before I joined Walker, I was wrong. Freedom and choice are the core of the VA and the sky is the limit for your virtual career opportunities. Automation of flight processing means staff are working on new features for you, not just accepting PIREPs. An expansive tour system, multiple companies, a massive livery library, and a fantastic community: Walker Air has everything you want in a VA and more.

    Adam H. | WAT425
  • No drama, No BS, Just aviation!

    Brian P. | WAT110
  • This isn’t your cookie cutter VA. The website feels like payware, the liveries are immaculate and everyone is humble. It’s refreshing. It’s home.

    Philip H. | WAT355
  • The best airline full of great people who love flying, always expanding with new ideas to make flying more fun and immersive, the liveries are amazing and best of all they have tons of destinations which you can fly in the airplane of your choice.

    Eduardo G. | WAT476
  • My first and last VA. The crew at Walker are great, real passion, no dramas, and a great crew to fly with no matter the hour. With a flexible fleet and great liveries for anything in my hangar. Flying with WAT has added another layer to my VATSIM experience with a top notch automated dispatch and PIREP system to get me anywhere in the world, with a purpose, and reason to hunt that -150 butter.

    Sam W. | WAT499
  • A breath of fresh air, Welcoming and helpful community, An amazing website with tours and awards to chase after, A wide range of planes in the fleet list and amazing livery's to match. 10/10 would VA again.

    James S. | WAT532

    Vince F. | WAT320
  • Joining Walker Air Transport was like discovering flight simulation all over again. The community is fantastic, helpful and friendly who make flying a joy.

    Alex C. | WAT339
  • A well run VA with a great community feeling. Huge fleet and top class liveries. A refreshingly relaxed environment within the flight sim world.

    Anthony C. | WAT109
  • I love being able to virtually explore the world and share my adventures (and frequent mishaps) with the amazingly friendly walker community! You won't find people like this in other VA's! Oh and BTW, the Walker A330 is likely the sexiest plane I've seen in a long time

    Tijani M. | WAT176
  • Great VA to fly for! I try to fly everyday as I am retired and I have found "Walker Transport" to be a well run airline. There is always an event to fly and Walker is not restrictive. Fly what you want. Cargo, passenger or Charters. It's all here. I highly recommend this VA to anyone wanting to have a great place to call home!

    Robert B. | WAT447
  • An incredible VA that puts the pilots and the community first, is continuously developing and has a solid vision for the future. As a bonus, I've found it as a real safe haven of friendly people especially when that's not so easy to come by in the Covid crisis. Walker Air Transport has transformed flight simulation for the better.

    Mark S. | WAT154
  • The depth of knowledge, experience, and friendly help is unsurpassed!

    Tom W. | WAT239
  • Walker was my first VA and I'm super glad I found it! There's a lot of freedom for you to fly whatever you want to wherever you want while still being a part of the VA experience. The VA is also taken seriously by its (awesome) community and we're all in this to have fun! My flight sim experience has changed for the better since joining.

    Omar M. | WAT232
  • It’s the place to be! I feel so at home at Walker Air Transport. The livery is beaut, the community is friendly and it has something for everyone!

    Stuart K. | WAT434
  • I accidentally stumbled upon this VA but glad I did. I never looked back and although I haven't been around for a long time, I won't be going anywhere. I love that it offers group flights for the major online networks, scheduled, cargo, and charter services and there is so many options to choose from for aircraft all with beautifully hand crafted liveries. This VA has made me spend more money on scenery and aircraft to experience new locations, tours, aircraft types all in a good and fun way. Everyone is family and we all share the same passion and this is a place where you have the choice in how much you want to simulate your experience in the skies. Walker Air Transport is everything you want and nothing you don't.

    Christian C. | WAT381

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